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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Tips and Treats!!

Remember to 'think safety' this Halloween. Whether you are out with the little ones, or on the roads, please remember to be careful.

Here is a link to some helpful safety tips to remember for Halloween <<Halloween Tips>>

Make sure to come and visit the Public Safety Building this Halloween and have a wonderful time with the kids!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feedback email address goes live!!!

Don't like what you see?  Have suggestions or comments?  Want more, less or different information?  Let us know!

We can be reached at

The feedback link will be accessible on the left side of this blog page and also on our Facebook page.

Drunk Driving Arrest on 10-27-2010

Jeffrey Potenza
Arrested 10/27/2010

At 2:00am this morning, Jeffrey Potenza of Mattapan, MA, was stopped for speeding by Officer George Labonte.  Potenza was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  He was taken to the station where he was booked and processed.  Potenza was later bailed and appeared in court later in the morning.

Officer Labonte was assisted by Off. Joe Galvao.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beware of Schemes Exploiting Senior Citizens and Users of Facebook!

Less than six months ago, I received an 'instant message' via Facebook from a close friend telling me that he and his wife were the victims of a mugging in London.  I had no idea that my friend was traveling abroad, so naturally I was immediately concerned.  The dialogue went something like this...

"Hi James, <blank> and I are in serious trouble!  We were mugged last night in downtown London and all of our cash and credit cards were stolen!  We are going to miss our flight if we can't come up with $1500.00 immediately!  Can you help?"

Naturally, I wanted to help, but was very suspicious of the message.  Keep in mind... this was happening in 'real time' and was being sent to me as I sat in front of my computer.  They continued...

"James are you there?  We need the money sent Western Union ASAP!  Can you help us?"

I picked up my cell phone and called my friend in need.  He answered and told me that he was at work and his wife was at home.  I told him his Facebook account had been compromised (hacked) and that he should contact Facebook ASAP before someone is swindled out of money.

Sadly, my friend's niece sent $1500.00 and then another $1000.00 by debit card via Western Union before he managed to shut the account down.  She is only 21 years old and lost most of her savings.

Recently, Wrentham seniors have reported being swindled out of thousands of dollars by a similar scheme over the telephone.  I share my story because, even as a police officer for over 15 years, I felt compelled to do something to help my friends.  I was genuinely concerned!  Thankfully I had the presence of mind to make one simple phone call to check the story, or I too would have been swindled.

These types of thieves are incredibly sophisticated and resourceful.  Before you send anyone any money, PLEASE take the time to verify the information you are being given.  Call a friend or family member to help you figure out if the story is true or is just a scheme. 

Senior citizens are frequently targets of schemes like this.  Please let your loved ones and friends know before their life savings are stolen.

Sgt. Jim Barrett

Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Civil Violations for Marijuana Possession to be Posted Online

The Wrentham Police are exploring the possibility of posting the names of people issued civil citations for marijuana possession.  Of course, juvenile information will not be published, but those people 17 or older will. 

Right now there are some conflicting reports on whether or not these citations are matters of public record.  If they are, then violators can expect to see their names on the Wrentham Police blog.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wrentham Resident Arrested for Drunk Driving

Robert Hopkins of Wrentham
Mr. Hopkins of Wrentham was arrested on October 17th, 2010 for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol (OUI-Alcohol) on South Street at around 11:00pm.  The police were contacted by witnesses who claimed Hopkins was driving, "all over the road."  Thankfully, this gentleman was taken into custody before he, or anyone else, was hurt or killed.

Officer Labonte was the arresting officer with Officers Saulnier and Coliflores assisting.

Police Chase and Struggle With Outlet Mall Thief

Parris H. Phillips
Roxbury, MA
39 years old
On October 17th, 2010 at or around 3:30PM, Officer Leary (on a police detail at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets) saw two women chasing a man toward the parking lot at the Wrentham Village mall.  They pointed at him and screamed to Officer Leary that he had stolen from the store they worked in.  The two work at True Religion Jeans.

Officer Leary gave chase and after a brief struggle in the parking lot, managed to apprehend the suspect who was subsequently identified as PHILLIPS, Parris of Roxbury, MA. No one was insured in the scuffle.

An anonymous bystander provided information that PHILLIPS may have been one of four involved in criminal activity at the mall.  He stated that he saw PHILLIPS and the other men placing items into a car.  The car was identified and subsequent search revealed hundreds of dollars of stolen merchandise from the Timberland Store.

A second suspect was identified by Sgt. Smith and Officer Schwalbe immediately after the arrest of PHILLIPS, but victims were unable to positively identify him at the time.  Later video tape review at the stores confirmed this person's involvement in the criminal behavior.

PHILLIPS and the second suspect, identified as SILCOTT, Tyrone of Boston, MA, are charged with larceny over $250.00 a felony in Massachusetts.  Although these were the only two suspects identified, the police believe there were four men involved.  Property was recovered and returned to True Religion Jeans and Timberland.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tanker Truck Crash on Rt. 1A Injures Driver

On October 13, 2010 at about 3:30 p.m., a tanker truck carrying liquid asphalt rolled over as it failed to make the turn at the bottom of the Rt. 495 north off ramp to Rt. 1A south. Wrentham Police and Fire responded along with Mass State Police.

In spite of heavy traffic, no other vehicles were struck as the truck careened across four lanes, sheared a utility pole in half and came to rest upside down off the shoulder of the road. The driver of the JP Noonan truck was rescued by passing motorists who stopped to assist, kicking in the windshield and pulling him to safety.

The accident is under investigation by Officer Stephen Saulnier of the Wrentham Police and Trooper Chan of the Mass State Police Truck Team. Fuel and other spills associated with this crash were addressed by the Mass Department of Environment Protection and Clean Harbors. Plainville Fire Department and Police Department assisted as well.  

The driver of truck, identified as Richard Panepinto, was transported to Rhode Island Trauma Center with multiple injuries.  He is expected to survive.

Fingerprint Found at House Break Leads Police to Suspect

On June 8, 2010, Wrentham Police responded to a house break on
Taunton Street
after the resident reported the back door had been kicked in. Detective Labonte processed the scene and lifted two fingerprints from an iron gate located behind the house.

The lifted prints along with other items were submitted to the State Lab for processing as is the routine for most house breaks. On August 19, 2010, State Police notified Detective Labonte that the two prints lifted from the gate were matched to a suspect identified as Paul Miguel, date of birth 11/23/1970.  Further investigation revealed Mr. Miguel was in jail for other offenses.

 Detective Labonte paid him a visit to conduct an interview. Information and evidence compiled during the investigation proved sufficient to secure a warrant for Mr. Miguel, charging him with Breaking and Entering, Destruction of Property and Larceny Over $250.00.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shoplifting at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Leads to an Arrest

 Yesterday afternoon (10-02-2010), Jacqueline Marie Evans from Springfield, MA, was arrested for shoplifting at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.

Officer Stephen Saulnier arrested Evans for shoplifting from the Burberry Outlet. She is believed to have stolen more than $800.00 worth of merchandise.  Evans also had an arrest warrant.

Evans is being charged with larceny over $250.00 (which makes it a felony in Massachusetts) as well as giving a false name (false identification) to a police officer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Robbery at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

    On 9/28/10 at 7:55 p.m., Wrentham Officer Saulnier, Officer Labonte and Sgt. Smith responded to a 911 call from the Burberry Store at the Wrentham Mall. When police arrived, they were informed by employees that a gang of two black males and a Hispanic male entered the store wearing sunglasses, wool caps and hooded sweatshirts, obviously attempting to conceal their identity.

    The suspects began grabbing merchandise at which time an employee approached one of them and told him they had to leave the store. The suspect shoved her away and warned her not to call police. Employees stated one of the suspects has been in the store in the past carrying a bag lined with material to defeat the inventory control system at the door. When an employee called 911, the suspects left the store and fled in a newer model silver Chrysler.

    Merchandise stolen totaled approximately $20,000.00 The Hispanic male was described as 6’3”, very muscular build, clean shaven, early thirties. A black male suspect was described as 5’10”, muscular build, unshaven. The third black male was described as 5’10”, muscular build, clean shaven. The incident is being investigated by Lt. Detective McGrath.

Officer Ends Pursuit With Tackle

      On 9/27/10 at approximately 2:10 a.m., a police pursuit of a motorcycle that began in North Attleboro, continued to Franklin and then to Wrentham, ended when the suspect was momentarily boxed in by police cruisers and then tackled off of his motorcycle as he attempted to flee. Officer Barry McGrath and Officer Joseph Galvao joined the pursuit in Wrentham and assisted other pursuing officers with the stop on 
South Street.

      When police exited their cruisers, the suspect turned his motorcycle toward officers, began revving the engine and lunging the bike in their direction. The suspect then accelerated quickly toward the officers at which point Officer McGrath tackled him, knocking both the suspect and the motorcycle to the ground.

      The suspect was identified as Brett Shuebruk, 73 Crescent Avenue, North Attleboro, MA 02760, date of birth 11/12/1966. Mr. Shuebruk was charged with operating under the influence of liquor (third offense); operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license; operating to endanger; failure to stop for a police officer; marked lanes violations; use of a motor vehicle without authority; assault with a dangerous weapon to wit a motorcycle; and resisting arrest.

Bail was set at $1040.00 and the suspect was arraigned on 9/28/10.