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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arrests Made For Fradulent Traveler's Checks Used At Wrentham Village Outlets

Kannisha Brooks
Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07014

Alisha Fraser
80th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236
On February 11, 2011 police were called to the Wrentham Mall for a report of a woman attempting to pass fraudulent travelers checks.

Sgt. Barrett and Officer Ellis located and arrested Kannisha Brooks, age 27, of
108 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd, Newark, NJ
. The suspect was first spotted by an alert store employee who recognized her from a previous incident in 2010 when she committed the same offense. At the time of her arrest, police received information about a second suspect who apparently witnessed the arrest and fled the area in a Toyota.

After Ms. Brooks was transported to the Wrentham Police station and bail was set, Ms. Brooks made a telephone call for bail money at which time police waited to see if the second suspect was the person Ms. Brooks called. Within a short time, a Toyota with New York registration plates arrived at the Wrentham Police station. The operator, Alisha Fraser, age 24, of
758 80th Street, Brooklyn, NY
, was placed under arrest by Lt. Detective McGrath. Twelve shopping bags filled with merchandise purchased with fraudulent travelers checks were recovered from the vehicle, along with fraudulent travelers checks, U.S. currency and a laptop computer.

In addition to the Wrentham arrest, Kannisha Brooks was arrested by the Linden New Jersey Police Department on January 21, 2011. She was charged with forgery, theft by deception, tampering with evidence and possession of marijuana. Ms. Brooks allegedly tried to pay for $439.00 worth of goods at a Walmart, using five suspected counterfeit $100.00 bills. She was arrested during a foot chase during which she attempted to tear up the counterfeit cash. Ms. Brooks was held on $57,500.00 bail.

Ms. Brooks was charged in Wrentham with Uttering a False Instrument. Ms. Fraser was also charged with Uttering and driving on a suspended license.

Both suspects were arraigned on February 14, 2011 at the Wrentham District Court.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Domestic Assault and Battery Leads to Fight With Police

Patrick Brown
Washington Street, Wrentham, MA

In the early morning hours of February 8, 2011, Officers Joe Galvao and Steve Saulnier were dispatched to the Arbor Inn on Rt. 1 for a report of domestic violence.  Officers spoke with a female victim upon their arrival.

The interview led officers to one of the motel rooms.  Officers Saulnier and Galvao spoke with the suspect, Brown, and told him he was under arrest for domestic assault and battery.  Brown began to fight with the officers, punching one of them in the face.

Brown is being charged with Assault and Battery, Attempted Murder, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.

Brown was arraigned on the charges at Wrentham District Court.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shoplifting Arrest at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

Bernell Sumrall
Washington Street
Norwood, MA
This afternoon (2-5-2011), Sgt. Richard Mayhew, Officers Stephen Hearon and Jon Coliflores responded to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets for a reported shoplifting at the Cosmetic Store.  When officers arrived,  Officer Hearon responded to the victim store, while Sgt. Mayhew and Officer Coliflores responded to the Converse Store where the suspect was allegedly hiding.

Off. Hearon observed the video surveillance footage and responded to assist Sgt. Mayhew and Off. Coliflores, who was detaining the suspect.  The suspect was the same as seen by Off. Hearon in the video at the Cosmetic Store.  Sumrall was arrested for shoplifting and taken to the Wrentham Police Station where he was booked and processed.  Sumrall was released on personal recognizance and will appear at the Wrentham District Court in the morning.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drunk Driver Arrested

Daphne Obeid
Dean Street
Norwood, MA

At or around 9:00 on January 31, 2011, a motorist notified the Wrentham Police Department that a vehicle was "all over the road," in the area of Rt. 140.

Sgt. James Barrett intercepted the suspicious vehicle on Rt. 140 (Franklin Street), headed toward Franklin, MA.  Based on his observations of the operation of the vehicle, he stopped the car and identified the operator as Daphne Obeid.

After a brief roadside investigation, Sgt. Barrett arrested Obeid for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.  She was also charged with several other offenses.

Obeid was transported by a mutual aid Franklin Police Officer to the Wrentham Police Station.  She was booked and processed and released later on personal recognizance.  Obeid was arraigned at Wrentham District Court this morning.