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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wrentham Police Advise Residents of West Wrentham to be Proactive

The Wrentham Police are responding to an elevated number of house breaks on the west side of Wrentham.  The overarching strategy of the thieves remain similar.  Entry is made into the home, they move directly to the master bedroom and go directly for jewelry boxes and bureau drawers (where jewelry is typically kept).

We advise all residents of Wrentham to keep valuable property in unique hiding places.  Perpetrators of house breaks rely on speed and efficiency.  If they do not find valuables in the typical places (mentioned above) they may simply leave the residence, or be forced to take less valuable items.

House alarms can be deterrents if they are earsplitting in their volume inside the house.  At the very least, it may increase the level of urgency to finish the theft more quickly.  It is sometimes helpful to have outside alarms as well.

1:  Do not keep valuables in typical places (bedrooms, dressers, jewelry boxes).
2:  Install a LOUD interior alarm system.
3:  Always lock your doors and windows when you are not home.
4:  Let your neighbors know if you will be away and what vehicles they can expect in the driveway.
5:  If people knock on your door looking for directions or to solicit, try to note a vehicle or license plate.

Be proactive!!! Do not make it easier for the bad guys!!!!

2 Arrested for a House Break on East Street

Dratwinski, Aaron
900 Washington Street
Wrentham, MA

Thomas Busch
900 Washington Street
Wrentham, MA

On August 23rd, 2012, Officer Coliflores responded to a call to remove unwanted persons from a residence on East Street.  When he arrived, he made contact with Thomas Busch and Aaron Dratwinski.  According to the victim, a young female who was in her bedroom at the time of the break, she heard someone ring the doorbell.  The girl did not answer because she was alone.

Busch allegedly entered the house and then entered the girl's bedroom.  He immediately asked her about work to be done on the driveway to the house.  He then told the girl that he must have the wrong house and then went back outside.

The girl contacted her father, who then contacted the Wrentham Police.  Officer Coliflores caught both men on the property and after a brief investigation placed both in custody for various offenses including breaking and entering and tresspassing.