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Monday, March 14, 2011

Father/Son Duo Caught Red Handed

Robert Fontarosa
Franklin, MA
Michael Fontarosa
Franklin, MA

     A 39 year old man and his 18 year old son were arrested early Friday morning for attempting to steal car parts from motor vehicles parked at a local gas station/automotive repair shop.  Rob Fortenarosa and his son, Michael Fonterarosa, both of 16 Standford Rd Franklin were arrested around 2:00am.

     Sgt. George Labonte was conducting building checks of local businesses when he came across the two.  Officer Scott Ellis was soon on scene to assist.  Sgt. Labonte had checked the gas station about thirty minutes prior and noted Fontenarosa’s vehicle had not been on the property.  Upon further investigation, Sgt. Labonte observed the two males coming from behind the building where several vehicles were parked.

    On the ground behind the building were a socket wrench and socket set.  Fontenarosa first denied ownership of the sockets and wrench until identical sockets were observed in his vehicle.  Also recovered from the vehicle were several hacksaws and a battery powered sawzall.  Michael later made admissions indicating he and his father planned on stealing car parts; however Sgt. Labonte interrupted the crime.

     The Fortentarosa’s were both charged with Attempt to Commit a Crime, Larceny; Possession of Burglarious Tools; Conspiracy to Commit a Crime; and Motor Vehicle Trespass.  They were arraigned at Wrentham District Court Friday morning.

     This arrest comes just a couple months after another man was arrested for stealing catalytic converters from a Wrentham car dealership.  In that case, Officer Scott Ellis observed a man under a car cutting the catalytic converter off.  To read about the last similar case click HERE