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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few of our recent arrests...

Laura DiTomasso

DiTomasso is being charged with breaking and entering a home on Madison Street in August of 2011, with intent to commit a misdemeanor.  DiTomasso's whereabouts are unknown and there is a warrant for her arrest on this charge.  She is believed to be in the Taunton, MA area.

Beau Thibeault
428 West Street
Wrentham, MA
 Mr. Thibeault was arrested on 9-4-2011 on two default warrants.  He was arrested at his residence.

Christopher King
147 Arnold Street
Wrentham, MA
Christopher King is being charged with breaking and entering into the appartment of his tenant and subsequently killing his cat.  He is being charged with 'killing an animal' which is a felony in Massachusetts.

Jeffrey Watterman
Arbor Inn Rt 1
Wrentham, MA
 Arrested on 9-26-2011 on outstanding warrants.

Jonathan Staubin
Arbor Inn Rt.1
Wrentham, MA

Arrested at the Arbor Inn on 8-26-2011 for outstanding warrants.