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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drunk Driving Arrest

John Fay of Wrentham, MA
In the early evening on 11-26-2010, the Wrentham Police received a 911 call from a motorist reporting that a car had struck a telephone pole and continued to drive away.  The suspect car allegedly drove to Dunkin' Donuts in Wrentham center before driving off once again.

Police identified John Fay as the operator of the vehicle in question.  Fay was taken into custody by Officer William Leary for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.  He was booked and processed at the Wrentham Police station and later released on personal recognizance.  He will be arraigned on Monday morning at the Wrentham District Court.

Domestic Assault and Battery Arrest

Ronald Petta of Franklin, MA
During the early evening hours of 11-26-2010, Ronald Petta was arrested by Officer Barry McGrath in the area of Creek Street, Wrentham, for assault and battery.  Petta was transported to the Wrentham Police Station where he was booked and processed.  He was released later that evening on personal recognizance.  He will be arraigned at Wrentham District Court on Monday morning.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

House Breaks in Wrentham on the Rise

Please be aware that house breaks are increasing in frequency in Wrentham.  The Wrentham Police are currently investigating four that occurred most recently.  Surrounding communities are seeing an increase as well.  The Wrentham Police are currently investigating breaks on Tilting Rock Rd, Dedham Street and King James Way.

Foxborough Police have identified similar breaks with a similar mode of entry used.  Whether or not the breaks are directly related is under investigation.

The Wrentham Police are taking proactive steps;  increasing traffic enforcement and being a  more visible presence in the neighborhoods.

Residents are encouraged to contact the police if they see any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.  Information is the lifeblood of policing and the more you share with us, the better we can serve you and apprehend criminals.

If you have any helpful information regarding these breaks, please email the Wrentham Police at TIPS or call us at 508-384-2121 or 911 in case of an emergency.

Catalytic Converter Thefts Discovered and Charges Filed

Catalytic converters contain metals that can be extracted and then sold for cash.

Press Release November 24, 2010

The Wrentham Police Department with the assistance from Norfolk Police and Plainville Police charged two men in the early morning hours on November 23rd for stealing car parts from a car dealership in the center of town.

Patrolman Scott Ellis was on patrol during the 12am to 8am shift and discovered a man under a Honda Acura SUV at Central Auto Sales,
30 Franklin Street
with a cordless
saw –zall. When approached the man ducked between several cars in the lot and Officer called for backup. Within minutes Sergeant George Labonte arrived and it was noted the catalytic converter and exhaust pipe had been removed.

Shortly thereafter, Norfolk Police Officer Eric Van Ness and Plainville Police Officer Mathew Webber assisted the Wrentham Officers in a search for the suspect. The Officers located the car man, identified as Scott Nichols, age 32 of Chepachet, R.I. with bolt cutters, a floor jack and two stolen catalytic converters which were taken from cars at Regional Service Center. Nichols was charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Burglarious Instrument and Conspiracy.

The second suspect was located on
South Street
and identified as Joshua Bernier, age 21 of Woonsocket, R.I. and he was charged with Larceny, Possession of Burglarious Instrument, Destruction of Property, and Conspiracy.

Both suspects were arraigned at Wrentham District Court.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Foreign National Arrested for Felony Larceny at Wrentham Village Outlets

Jean Brodeur
 On 11-21-2010 Jean Brodeur, of Canada, was arrested by Lt. William McGrath for several counts of felony larceny and criminal trespass. 

Lt. McGrath, while on a detail at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, was directed to the Sunglass Hut store for a reported shoplifting.  After reviewing the security video at the store, Lt. McGrath recognized the thief as the same he had caught the previous day for a similar crime.  Brodeur was not arrested on 11-20-2010, but was told he would have to appear in court to answer for his crime.  Brodeur was issued a formal trespass notification by the mall and was told that he would be charged with criminal trespass if he returned.

Brodeur did indeed return, and continued his shoplifting.  He was again caught by Lt. McGrath and faces further charges of felony larceny and criminal trespass.  He was held on $1500.00 bail and will appear at Wrentham District Court on Monday morning.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wrentham Man Arrested for Drunk Driving

Paul Rautenberg
10 Gilmore Road, Wrentham, MA
Paul Rautenberg of 10 Gilmore Road, Wrentham, was arrested on Saturday (11-20-2010) at or around 11:30 AM.  Sgt. Jeffrey Smith stopped Rautenberg for stopping suddenly in the road causing vehicles to lock up their brakes to avoid hitting him.

Rautenberg was arrested by Sgt. Smith for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  He was taken to the Wrentham Police Station where he was booked and processed.  He was later released and will be arraigned at Wrentham District Court on Monday morning.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Arrest at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

On 11-19-2010, Officer Hearon and Officer O'Connell were dispatched to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets for a reported shoplifting at the Sunglass Hut store.  When they arrived, they identified the suspect in the parking lot and detained him temporarily to observe the surveillance video.

Off. Hearon positively identified the suspect as Adolfo Betancur of 164 Mendon Avenue in Pawtucket, RI.  The man stole one pair of sunglasses valued at close to $200.00.  There was another man seen in the video who appeared to be involved but police lacked enough evidence to charge the man.

Betancur was arrested and taken to the police station where he was booked and arraigned later at Wrentham District Court.

New Officer Hired

On Tuesday, November 16th, David Halloway was appointed as a full time police officer for the Town of Wrentham.  Officer Halloway started the Municipal Police Academy this month and is expected to graduate and begin working regular shifts with newly hired Officer Coliflores.

In attendance at the swearing in ceremony at Wrentham's Town Hall was Chief James Anderson and other members of the police force.  Officer Halloway had his badge pinned on by his girlfriend.

Although the Wrentham Police Department is still significantly understaffed with officers based on national public safety standards, these new hires will  begin to fill the gap left by the economy driven personnel shrink.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Theft from Burberry at the Premium Outlets leads to arrest

Brenda Correa-Guzman
Queens, NY
This evening, undercover Wrentham Police Officer Ed Fitzgerald arrested Correa-Guzman for stealing more than $1800.00 worth of merchandise from the Burberry store at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.  The officer observed Correa-Guzman holding a lined 'booster bag' while the man she was with stuffed the bag with merchandise. 

The classic 'booster bags' police are seeing at the Premium Outlets are shopping bags lined with a metallic tape.  These bags are made by thieves to defeat the magnetic door alarms that are triggered by tagged merchandise.

The undercover officer was able to apprehend Correa-Guzman but the male suspect fled from the scene.  Wrentham Officers from both the day shift (8am-4pm) and the incoming evening shift (4pm-12am) searched the mall area, but were unable to find the man.  It is believed the two came from New York with the intent to steal from the outlet mall.

Correa-Guzman was taken to the police station where she was booked and processed.  ICE was contacted as well.  Correa-Guzman was released on personal recognizance and must appear at the Wrentham District Court in the morning.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Arrested, Two Others Charged / Premium Outlets


Kimberly Curry
Attleboro, MA
 This evening Kimberly Curry of Attleboro was arrested for receiving stolen property with a value more than $250.00 (making it a felony).  What began as a call for a shoplifter in the Cracker Barrel Store / Restaurant, turned in to a pursuit of a gold colored minivan on Rt 1A ending on Green Street.

Officer Steve Saulnier was first to respond to the Cracker Barrel and observed the suspect vehicle leaving the mall property and turning onto Rt. 1A toward Plainville.  Sgt. James Barrett arrived at the intersection of the mall entrance and Rt. 1A, just as Off. Saulnier turned onto the main roadway.

Officer Steve Saulnier and Sgt. James Barrett stopped the minivan and discovered almost $700.00 worth of Yankee Candles in trash bags and boxes in the back seat area.  Curry was arrested for receiving stolen property.  The male driver and female passenger were allowed to drive away from the scene as their two small children were in the minivan with them.  The two will be charged with receiving stolen property over $250.00 also and possibly other charges.

After Curry was taken to the station, police believe the Cracker Barrel security cam images of the minivan a woman to be both the vehicle stopped tonight and Curry.

Curry was released on personal recognizance and will be arraigned in the morning.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nanny Steals From Family

Vanessa Jollimore
Norton, MA

Vanessa Jollimore (of Norton, MA) who advertised on popular daycare service and social websites (care, sittercity and Facebook), was hired by a Wrentham family in February 2010.  From February until September, Jollimore stole jewelry, clothing, electronics and DVD's from the family whose children she was caring for.

The family contacted the police when Jollimore failed to show up for work in September.  Shortly thereafter, they began to discover property missing and filed a report after first trying to handle the situation on their own.

Sgt. James Barrett began an investigation that ultimately led to a confession by Jollimore to the theft of the victim's property.  He was assisted by Detective Barry McGrath and together, the two were able to obtain a confession, identify the jewelers and pawn shops Jollimore was selling the stolen items at, and recover some of the stolen property.

Although little was recovered,  Jollimore has been charged with larceny by the Wrentham Police.  Several former employers that Jollimore was using as references were notified of the charges being filed against her.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Arrested at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

Michael Demedeiros
Providence, RI

Juliana Lorenzana
Providence, RI

At close to 7:30 PM tonight (11/04/2010), the True Religion Jeans store reported a shoplifting.  Sgt. James Barrett arrived first at the scene and identified one female, Juliana Lorenzana of Providence, RI, holding merchandise from the store.  A male suspect, Michael Demedeiros of Providence, RI, was detained by Sgt. George Labonte and later arrested by Sgt. Barrett for larceny over $250.00.

A subsequent consent search of Lorenzana's car produced more than $1000.00 worth of stolen merchandise from various stores at the outlet mall, as well as surrounding retail stores in other communities.  Sgt. Barrett also arrested Lorenzana and charged her with larceny over $250.00 and receiving stolen property over $250.00.

Officer Steve Saulnier and Lt. Detective William McGrath assisted at the scene.

Both will be arraigned in the morning at Wrentham District Court.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One officer promoted and one hired...

Officer Jon Coliflores and Sergeant George Labonte wait to take their oaths of office.

Tonight Officer George Labonte was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Officer Labonte has been an officer with the Town of Wrentham for more than five years and becomes the fourth sergeant on the Wrentham Police Department.  His promotion will bring a supervisor to the over night shift; a position left vacant for the last several years due to severe budget constraints.

Permanent Intermittent Officer Jon Coliflores is also being appointed as a full time police officer with the Town of Wrentham.  Officer Coliflores will replace the vacancy created by Officer Carreiro, who was re-hired by Fall River Police.  Officer Coliflores will attend the Municipal Police Academy this November.

A full crowd of onlookers cheered as the officers were sworn in.  Sergeant Labonte's badge was pinned by his father.  Officer Coliflores's badge was pinned by his wife with his young daughter looking on.

House Break on Hawes Street

This afternoon a house on Hawes Street was broken into.  Access was gained by apparently forcing a locked door, shattering the bolts and locks.  The perpetrator did not take any valuable electronics or other pieces of pricey technology, but rather made his/her way directly to the master bedroom.  The thief made off with several jewelry boxes containing valuable pieces of jewelry.

The case is under investigation and appears similar to a break in Norfolk also reported today.

Man run over by truck on Clark Road

Today, a man was run over by his work truck on Clark Road.  Witnesses believe he placed the truck in reverse and realized he forgot to close a tool box.  He got out of the truck and was run over.

Wrentham Police and Fire/EMS responded to the scene and treated the injured man.  He was taken to King Philip Regional High School where Med Flight treated and transported him due to the seriousness of his injuries.

No further information is available.