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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shoplifters Captured At WVPO After Stealing Close To $5000.00 Worth Of Merchandise

Glanisha Crump
Columbia Road, South Boston, MA

Kamilah Fuller-Givens
Alpha Road, Dorchester (Boston), MA

Chandra Ann Wilkerson
Sutton Street, Mattapan, MA
These three Boston residents were apprehended after being suspected of stealing merchandise from the True Religion outlet at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets. 

Store employees became suspicious of the three when they began handling several pairs of jeans.  Employees of True Religion discovered cut sensor tags on the floor in the area and were unable to locate the jeans the three were handling.  When employees began watching the three more closely, they became openly agitated and intimidating.  At one point, it is alleged that one of the suspects directly insulted an employee.

Detective Lieutenant McGrath happened to be in the area and was made aware of the incident by the manager at True Religion.   Lt. McGrath identified the three suspects and also identified a van in the parking lot  they were using to store their stolen haul.

When the three began to drive out of the parking lot, Lt. McGrath called for marked cruisers to assist in stopping the vehicle.  Officers Hearon and O'Connell arrived and assisted with the stop and the subsequent arrest of the three.

The three women were  taken to the Wrentham Police station where they were booked and processed.  They were all later released on bail and recognizance and appeared for arraignment at the Wrentham District Court the following morning.

All three were charged with more than a dozen offenses.  Good police work recovered almost $5000.00 of stolen merchandise.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lengthy Investigation Leads to Criminal Charges

Cindy Harris
Woonsocket, RI
In late October, 2010, Pond Home administration contacted the Wrentham Police Department to report that several residents were reporting jewelry and cash missing.  This initial report led to the investigation of Cindy Harris, a newly hired CNA (certified nursing assistant) from Woonsocket, RI.

Detective Barry R. McGrath conducted a series of victim and suspect interviews, narrowing the police focus onto Harris.  After an extensive investigation and interviewing Harris, Det. McGrath decided that enough probable cause existed to file a criminal complaint against her for multiple charges of larceny.

The total amount of valuables taken are in excess of $10,000.00 in jewelry and at least $500.00 cash.

The Pond Home is an assisted living community and nursing home in Wrentham that caters to senior citizens.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Crash Leads to Drunk Driving Arrest

Jose Pinheiro
20 Dover Street,
Pawtucket, RI
On Monday, December 13th, shortly after 4:00PM, the Wrentham Police responded to a motor vehicle crash on West Street near the Cumberland, R.I. line.

Officer Barry McGrath and Sgt. James Barrett were the first at the scene.  One pickup truck was stopped, about to take a left turn onto Ray Road when a red pickup, operated by Jose Pinheiro, crashed into the rear of the stopped truck.  Intermittent Officer William Leary arrived and assisted at the scene.

The operators of both vehicles were transported to the hospital by Wrentham Fire EMS.  Jose Pinheiro is being charged with a 4th offense OUI (operating under the influence), operating on a suspended license and attaching wrong motor vehicle plates.  Pinheiro also had a warrant for his arrest from North Attleboro.

Drunk Driving Arrest

David Potter
311 Pain Road
Attleboro, MA
In the early morning hours of December 12th, 2010, Sgt. Labonte encountered a running vehicle, pulled to the side of the road on Taunton Street near the Wrentham State Forest.  Sgt. Labonte identified the operator of the vehicle as David Potter from Attleboro.

After a brief interaction, Sgt. Labonte arrested Potter for drunk driving.  He was taken to the police station where he was booked and processed.  Potter was arraigned later in the day at the Wrentham District Court on a charge of drunk driving, third offense.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Man Arrested for Drunk Driving

Steven D. Walter
45 Bungay Road
North Attleborough, MA
On Sunday, December 5th, Officer Barry McGrath came upon Steven Walter, stopped in his running vehicle on Shears Street in the area of Rt. 140.  Officer McGrath spoke briefly with Walter, who said he was making a cell phone call then proceeded to pull closer to the curbing.

Officer McGrath investigated further and made the determination that Walter was operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor.

Officer McGrath was assisted at the scene by Detective Lt. William McGrath.  Steven Walter was arrested and taken to the Wrentham Police Station where he was booked and processed.  He was released later on personal recognizance.

Walter was arraigned at Wrentham District Court on Monday, December 6th.

Two Adults and Two Juveniles Arrested

Adam C. Mullaley
6 New Emerald Lane
Wrentham, MA
Dillon Todd Barbato
192 East Street
Foxborough, MA
On Sunday, December 5th, Sgt. Jeffrey Smith was patrolling through New Emerald Lane Apartments after residents reported alcohol and drug activity in the parking lot recently.

Sgt. Smith happened upon a car full of young looking occupants parked, and moving about inside the vehicle suspiciously.  Sgt. Smith approached the vehicle and identified Barbato, Mullaley and two juveniles.  The four were in possession of alcohol and all appeared to be drinking.

Sgt. Smith was assisted at the scene by Officer Barry McGrath and Lieutenants Michael Robillard and William McGrath.

The four were taken into custody and transported to the Wrentham Police Station where they were processed.  The juveniles were released to their parents and the two adults, Mullaley and Barbato, were released later on personal recognizance. 

Please report all illegal activity to the Wrentham Police Department for investigation.  You can call 508-384-2121 or email at .  Please be as detailed as you can over the phone and in email correspondence.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrentham Man Arrested for Drunk Driving

Eugene Handscom
Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham
On 12-03-2010 at, or around, 6:00PM, Foxborough Police contacted the Wrentham Police Department with information about an erratic driver heading into Wrentham.  Foxborough was unable to stop the driver, but Wrentham Police Officer Barry McGrath stopped the suspect vehicle on Sleepy Hollow.

The vehicle was operated by Eugene Handscom of Sleepy Hollow, Wrentham.  Handscom was subsequently arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor.

Sgt. James Barrett and Intermittent Officer William Leary assisted Off. McGrath with the arrest.  Handscom was transported to the Wrentham Police Department where he was booked and processed.  He will be arraigned at the Wrentham District Court on Monday morning (12-06-2010).