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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Foreign National Arrested for Felony Larceny at Wrentham Village Outlets

Jean Brodeur
 On 11-21-2010 Jean Brodeur, of Canada, was arrested by Lt. William McGrath for several counts of felony larceny and criminal trespass. 

Lt. McGrath, while on a detail at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, was directed to the Sunglass Hut store for a reported shoplifting.  After reviewing the security video at the store, Lt. McGrath recognized the thief as the same he had caught the previous day for a similar crime.  Brodeur was not arrested on 11-20-2010, but was told he would have to appear in court to answer for his crime.  Brodeur was issued a formal trespass notification by the mall and was told that he would be charged with criminal trespass if he returned.

Brodeur did indeed return, and continued his shoplifting.  He was again caught by Lt. McGrath and faces further charges of felony larceny and criminal trespass.  He was held on $1500.00 bail and will appear at Wrentham District Court on Monday morning.