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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Marathon Law Enforcement Response

Boston Marathon Law Enforcement Response

To “Protect and Serve” is the motto commonly associated with the profession of law enforcement.  When a senseless, tragic event occurs, like the attacks of April 15th, this adage has no boundaries.  As such, the Wrentham Police Department has deployed resources to assist our partners in Boston, as part of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (METRO) contingent.  Wrentham is an active member of METRO, a consortium comprised of 42 Police departments and 2 Sheriff’s departments, with hundreds of dedicated officers assigned to respond and assist agencies who have incidents in their cities or towns that will require resources beyond their normal capacity.   Obviously, the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings falls into this category.  It is a 24/7 operation, requiring replenishments of personnel, among various other things, for a prolonged amount of time.  Our officers are on scene to perform whatever functions are requested by our host agency.  The scope of these specific assignments changes on a daily basis. What does not change however, is the unified primary goal of the local, state and federal law enforcement personnel on scene- to bring a renewed sense of security to the resilient residents and business owners of the City of Boston, the strong people of the State of Massachusetts and the proud citizens of United Stated of America.