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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Adults and Two Juveniles Arrested

Adam C. Mullaley
6 New Emerald Lane
Wrentham, MA
Dillon Todd Barbato
192 East Street
Foxborough, MA
On Sunday, December 5th, Sgt. Jeffrey Smith was patrolling through New Emerald Lane Apartments after residents reported alcohol and drug activity in the parking lot recently.

Sgt. Smith happened upon a car full of young looking occupants parked, and moving about inside the vehicle suspiciously.  Sgt. Smith approached the vehicle and identified Barbato, Mullaley and two juveniles.  The four were in possession of alcohol and all appeared to be drinking.

Sgt. Smith was assisted at the scene by Officer Barry McGrath and Lieutenants Michael Robillard and William McGrath.

The four were taken into custody and transported to the Wrentham Police Station where they were processed.  The juveniles were released to their parents and the two adults, Mullaley and Barbato, were released later on personal recognizance. 

Please report all illegal activity to the Wrentham Police Department for investigation.  You can call 508-384-2121 or email at .  Please be as detailed as you can over the phone and in email correspondence.