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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shoplifters Captured At WVPO After Stealing Close To $5000.00 Worth Of Merchandise

Glanisha Crump
Columbia Road, South Boston, MA

Kamilah Fuller-Givens
Alpha Road, Dorchester (Boston), MA

Chandra Ann Wilkerson
Sutton Street, Mattapan, MA
These three Boston residents were apprehended after being suspected of stealing merchandise from the True Religion outlet at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets. 

Store employees became suspicious of the three when they began handling several pairs of jeans.  Employees of True Religion discovered cut sensor tags on the floor in the area and were unable to locate the jeans the three were handling.  When employees began watching the three more closely, they became openly agitated and intimidating.  At one point, it is alleged that one of the suspects directly insulted an employee.

Detective Lieutenant McGrath happened to be in the area and was made aware of the incident by the manager at True Religion.   Lt. McGrath identified the three suspects and also identified a van in the parking lot  they were using to store their stolen haul.

When the three began to drive out of the parking lot, Lt. McGrath called for marked cruisers to assist in stopping the vehicle.  Officers Hearon and O'Connell arrived and assisted with the stop and the subsequent arrest of the three.

The three women were  taken to the Wrentham Police station where they were booked and processed.  They were all later released on bail and recognizance and appeared for arraignment at the Wrentham District Court the following morning.

All three were charged with more than a dozen offenses.  Good police work recovered almost $5000.00 of stolen merchandise.