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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Changes are in the wind!!!

The old Wrentham Police Website is being taken down.  Don't panic!!!  This new site will provide you with relevant and up to date information that the old website could not. 

After a long discussion, it was determined that the best way to disseminate information to the public is through the Facebook, Twitter and Blog pages.  It is far too difficult to maintain a website without having a fulltime employee devoted to the task of keeping it up to date.  Blogs, Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, can be easily updated by cell phone if necessary.

So it only makes sense for the Wrentham Police to support the pages we believe can help the public the most with the limited resources we must work with.

Over the next days and weeks, I will add links to this page that will allow users to download forms, crash reports and other documents directly rather than have to come to the station to get them.  I will keep you all updated when new resources become available.

Please bear with me over the weeks and months ahead... I am learning as I go!

If you have any concerns or comments, feel free to email