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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Break and Enter Suspects Charged

Submitted by Lt. Det. William McGrath

Wrentham Police arrested four suspects following an investigation conducted by Detective Barry McGrath. 

Connor Casper age 19 & Tina Sack age 19 of Norfolk, Massachusetts were arrested along with Brett Frigon age 20 & Justin Perry age 24 of Wrentham, Massachusetts.  The four defendants have been charged with Larceny from a person over the age of 65, Larceny from a building and Conspiracy.

The four suspects are accused of befriending an elderly male Wrentham resident who police believe was targeted because of his age and vulnerability. 

Police allege one or more of the suspects distracted the victim on the first floor of his home while the other suspects snuck upstairs and stole jewelry belonging to the man’s deceased wife.  

The four suspects reportedly sold the stolen jewelry at the Emerald Square Mall in North Attleboro at a “Cash for Gold” store and used the proceeds  to support illegal drug activity.

Police believe the suspects may be involved in other housebreaks that include west Wrentham and Norfolk homes.

Anyone having information to assist with this investigation or any other suspicious activity is asked to call the Wrentham Police Department at 508-384-6915.

The Wrentham Police remind citizens of the following helpful information:

WPD cannot over emphasize the importance of calling 911 without hesitation when suspicious activity is observed. Citizens should not delay calling 911 because they are uncertain of how important their call is. WPD would rather respond to a call that turns out to be nothing than miss an opportunity to prevent a crime and capture a criminal.

Citizens, in particular elderly residents and children, should avoid allowing strangers into their home or engaging strangers at their door for long periods of time. Be aware of what is happening around you while strangers engage you in conversation. Make observations about them and their vehicle, particularly plate numbers. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Trust your instinct and call 911 immediately.

If a stranger knocks on your door, DO NOT pretend you’re not home and hope they’ll go away. If you don’t feel safe opening the door, call out from behind a door or window that you’re busy and can’t answer. Suspects knock on doors hoping no one will answer. If no one answers, they will break into your house with you in it. Call 911 if you’re the least bit suspicious.

DO NOT keep valuables, jewelry, sentimental items in your Master bedroom. Suspects who break into your home target the Master bedroom first and search for these items. Their goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible before police can respond. Often, suspects ignore other rooms completely. Be creative. Hide your valuables in other rooms and other parts of the house.